Dr. Barron has always worked in her career to treat with the philosophy of getting to the “source” of a problem and not just treating the “symptoms” of a problem.  Treating as early as possible in a child’s development allowing for proper growth and development that should have occurred within the genetic potential has always been crucial in that philosophy as well.

Treating with the Myobrace system of care was a perfect fit within her treatment philosophy.

  • Myobrace treats the CAUSES of crooked teeth. 
  • Myobrace helps to develop the jaws by addressing MUSCLE FUNCTION.
  • Myobrace improves NASAL BREATHING.
  • Myobrace is only worn for just 1-2 hours a day and while sleeping.
  • Myobrace is suitable for children aged 5 - 15.
  • Myobrace allows your child to reach their FULL GENETIC POTENTIAL.

Myobrace appliances have several age ranges in which they can be utilized.  There is an adult range of appliances as well as for children.  Dr. Barron has treated with traditional “braces” along with developmental appliances in the past.  In line with Dr. Barron’s philosophy of treating the source of a problem and not just symptoms, the Myobrace system offers the ability to allow the body to do as much change as possible in an adult.  Although it is optimal to address these problems in childhood for proper growth and development, an adult can be treated with the Myobrace for Adults.   


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